The Kit is the quick way to get your merging organizations on the same page about three critical marketing-related integration issues:

  1. Culture and the mission, vision and values that unite and motivate a workforce
  2. Brand and the new relationship of products, value propositions and marketing messages
  3. Go-to-market and sales and the challenges of unifying and equipping sales forces
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What’s inside

The Kit contains the essentials for helping your organization assess its alignment on these issues, including a self-guided executive workshop.

Facilitator Guide

Participant Workbook

Easy instructions on how to lead the workshop

Worksheets to examine and discuss misalignment

How to use it

During pre-transaction planning

During due-diligence or high-level integration planning, The Kit helps you evaluate marketing-related areas that will be critical to integration and to achieving synergy targets.

At the start of integration planning

The deal is done—the clock is ticking. Synergy goals must be hit. The Kit can help you streamline and accelerate your planning by highlighting areas of misalignment among leadership of the newly combined company.

If you’ve fallen into “integration swirl”

Integration is underway, and not going well. Most mergers do fail, after all. This workshop can act as a diagnostic, to help all key players see and come together around previously unanticipated, unappreciated or underfunded issues, setting the stage for course correction while there is still time.

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Avenue is a marketing strategy and activation firm with unusually deep expertise in helping mid-sized B2B firms change and grow during mergers and acquisitions Through strategy development, creative communications, and hands-on training, we help merging B2B organizations align cultures, rally employees, unify sales forces and reassure customers.


“Avenue’s approach to launching the Tork brand into North America disrupted the status quo of our industry, galvanized our organization and helped us accelerate our goals in a critical market.”

Don Lewis
President, SCA Americas

“We’re seeing more leads and more interest in our work. Customers now understand what we can do for them.”

Erik Frank
President, Tosca

“Avenue not only brought creativity, ingenuity and careful thought to the rebranding of the combined entity of Corn Products International and National Starch into Ingredion, but the work they did helped our employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders better understand our mission, vision, and future focus.”

Mark Lindley
Former Director of Corporate Communications, Corn Products